Stripe Apps Support

One of the most confusing things that people run into when wanting to accept payments on their website is how payment gateways work.

In the past setting up a gateway has been very confusing. This problem is now solved for customers wanting to use

After creating an account customers will have the ability to automatically create and link a Stripe account. Doing so will take customers to a Stripe page where they can easily sign up for an account. After signing up the Stripe account will be automatically linked to AmberCart.


Major cart upgrades

The design of the AmberCart checkout process has not change much in the past year, and that’s about to change. Today we are announcing the new design of the checkout cart.

We have completly revamped the cart to be cleaner and easier to use. The new cart will have a smaller footprint on the page and will make the checkout process on your site even cleaner. Here is a sneak peek of the new cart:

We are going to be rolling the new cart style out to all of our customers within the next few days. Your custom cart details such as colors and position will remain after the update, but we recommend you check out your new cart just to make sure everything looks great!